What can tighten loose abdominal skin? (except surgery)

Can I do something to tighten my loose skin after weight loss? Surgery would be too much for me, but I would try anything non invasive, like lasers or other machines.

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BodyTite is a method to tighten the skin and remove some fat, but unlike tummy tuck surgery, this way is done with very tiny incisions.  It really does a nice job of making areas smaller and tighter, but it isn't exactly an equal substitute for having a tummy tuck since the tummy tuck can tighten the muscles in addition to the skin.  It's a great option for someone like you who really doesn't want the scarring or downtime from major surgery.  Best of luck!

I offer a technology called BodyTite that is brand new. It is an amazing concept that allows me to perform scarless surgery in some patients, and improved outcomes if a scar is needed. Using tiny stab incisions (the same as what are used for liposuction), I can pass a wand under the skin that tightens it with heat (literally, a controlled burn). Unfortunately, after massive weight loss , you may simply have too much excess skin and a combination of BodyTite and tummy tuck or tummy tuck alone would be your best bet.