What causes cellulite?

I'm 25, 5'4” and 116 lbs and I've never had weight issues. I don't exercise as much as I could but that's mainly because I'm fairly active on a daily basis at my job (I work in a busy cafe where I do cash but I also do food prep, bus tables and generally do whatever needs to be done which means I do a lot of running around)--so why am I discovering cellulite where my butt meets my thighs? Sadly, it was my boyfriend who first noticed it. Since then, I've been obsessed with getting rid of it. I've spent my hard-earned money on products advertised as cellulite reducers but, big surprise, they did nothing at all. If I find out what's causing it, might that help me to make it go away? Desperately and sincerely, thanks in advance for any answers you can offer.


F, 28, Texas

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