What causes stretch marks?

I have some ridged lines just above my buttocks, on each side. They are sort of raised and of a lighter color than the rest of my skin. I have never been overweight but did experience some weight fluctuations over the past 2 years--nothing too dramatic but basically I gained and subsequently lost close to 10 lbs. I only really noticed the lines this past summer. Could these be stretch marks and is the weight gain and loss responsible? Is there a procedure to 'erase' them?


F, 38, New York

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Stretch marks are really a tear of the deeper layer (dermis) of the skin.  This can occur during stretching that may occur during pregnancy, breast feeding,  or weight gain. 

The resulting marks result because the dermis layer that rips, pulls apart.  The dermis is thick and strong.  When it separates, it leaves the overlying skin with a different texture, color, strength.

Nothing can really fix stretch marks short of surgical removal.


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