What to do if a facelift leaves bald patches?

What can be done to treat the issue of hair loss after a facelift? I know my hairline and my ears will be incised which MUST affect the hair follicles, maybe kill some off, but in my case - which would be a full-on facelift - are patches of hair loss an inevitability? Just in case the worse scenario were to happen and I'm left with some bald patches in key areas, is there a procedure to repair that? Will the hair grow back and if so, how long can that take? I have to figure out if it's worth losing hair to gain, well, face, I guess? It's a big decision that many people must face which is why I figure there has to be a procedure to treat that if it happens. Fingers crossed!

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I have not heard of anyone suffering permanent hair loss after a facelift.  You should address your concerns with your surgeon prior to surgery. 

The incisions are placed along the hairline. By beveling the incision with the hair follicles, it is rare to lose hair along your suture line. In fact, hair typically grows through the scar helping to camouflage the scar.

You should carefully discuss this with your board certified plastic surgeon. We use specialized incisions to avoid patchy hair loss and place the incisions in subtle locations to avoid visible deformity. If you do have patchy hair loss, you could always consider medical tattooing or follicular hair transplantation? I wish you the best.