What does the average scar revision cost?

I apologize if my question is too general. I'm asking on someone else's behalf so I can't speak with total authority but I can give you an idea. I have a good friend who's survived a lot of trauma. She's a remarkable person and is currently in the process of taking back her life and I want to help her in ways she can't yet help herself. She's not in a good position financially and that probably won't change for a long while but fortunately I am and would love to be able to offer her the gift of removing her scars which are the result of a period of self-harm when she was a teenager. The scars are on her inner thighs and the inside of her upper arms. Are you able to give me a quote based on the little bit of info I've given here? If not, is there a way I can find out without yet directly involving her? I'd really love for this to be a surprise. I hope you can help.


F, 36, New York

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