What does the recovery from fractional CO2 Laser consist of?

Is the recovery after fractional CO2 Laser going to take more than a week? I cannot take too much time off work.

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The nice thing about fractional CO2 laser treatments is that the intensity of the treatment can be adjusted to match the patient's downtime.  Very Light treatments can only have 2 days of redness, swelling and scabbing.  Heavy treatments can take 2 weeks of recovery with more significant swelling, oozing and redness- this of course, has more associated results.

We have many skin treatment options Renuvion, Erbium Laser, Fraxel, INTRAcel RF microneedling in addition to the fractional CO2 laser.  This allows us to match the patients results and their downtime.

Ken Oleszek, MD

La Fontaine Aesthetics