What does the SMAS Facelift consist of?

I've been reading on the internet about a new facelift method called SMAS. What does this term mean, what does the procedure consist of, and what are the advantages of this method?


F, 40, Utah

SMAS is the layer of tissue that covers the deep structures (muscles, glands, etc) of the face.  Pulling skin back to do a facelift is not a long term solution since skin always loosens and relaxes over time, so most plastic surgeons who know enough to do the operation will do a SMAS lift.  This is nothing new, it's been around since the 1970s, but the techniques have obviously improved over time.

SMAS stands for th submuscular aperneurotuc system that is under the skin of the face.  It is an extension of the platysma muscle into the face and can be used to pull the skin of the face and neck upwards creating a natural facelift without tension on the skin.

Dr Corbin


This consists of a facelift using a superficial connective tissue called the SMAS. It is not really a new technique and has been around for many years. It is much better than a skin only facelift. Many surgeons use this technique, or another one called a deep plane lift