What exactly is a non-surgical nose job?

Does the non-surgical nose job actually exist? I've heard about it through people at work or friends of friends but no one that I know well enough to request more information from. Also, I'd rather not draw any unnecessary attention to my nose if I can help it. But if there is such a thing, what is it exactly and is it as effective as a surgical nose job (Rhinoplasty, I guess)? Is there a considerable price difference between the two?


F, 33, Kentucky

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Nonsurgical nose jobs are gaining popularity because they're widely available and offered by non-plastic surgeons. They are less expensive and can change the nose shape and camouflage bumps and minor asymmetries. However, fillers are temporary and may make it more difficult for a plastic surgeon to perform a permanent surgical rhinoplasty. Also, fillers can only make a nose larger, not smaller.