What happens at a breast augmentation consultation?

I am looking to get a breast augmentation, what usually happens at the consultation? How long does it take?  It is tough for me to get time off from work.


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At my office we discuss the procedure, the types of implants that are available, the incision choices and the options for under and over the muscle.  We have patients try on implant sizers which helps patients to get an idea of how they will look with different sized implants.  We examine you and take some measurements which assist us in deciding on the optimal sized implant.  Patients are able to bring in photos and discuss what they like and dislike as well.  We sometimes combine this visit with a prep visit so patients do nat have to come in again for that second visit.

Hello, consultation about breasts augmentation can last up to 45 - 60 min. I could see you in a weekend. Thank you. Dr. Lung in Miami. www.richardlungmd.com


  During a consultation you will have a meeting with your surgeon who will examine you and discuss the different options for your augmentation. Including incisions and different implants. At our center we have a 3D imaging system that gives a digital representation of what to expect in your body with different size implants. It usually takes an hour. Good Luck! 

Even easier is to do an online consultation using Zwivel with the surgeon in your area and her all your questions answered from the comfort of your home before even coming in for the consultation. If you go through this process you could have your full consultation done in minutes! 

Thank you for your question. I spend at least and half hour to an hour with each new patient.  The amount of time you spend is minimized by downloading the new patients ahead of time and have them filled out when you come to the appointment. Also have all your questions and concerns written out ahead of time.  You can also go the the  ASPS website and read up of Breast Augmentation ahead of your appointment so that all the terms and issue will sound familiar.

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This is a great reason to use Zwivel for a getting information before you go in for a consultation. At the consultation in our office you first watch a video which answers many of your questions and goes over all of the basic information. Then you will meet with me, the plastic surgeon. I go over your medical history and medication as well as any prior surgery. 

Then we get into the specifics of the operation and I go over all aspects of analysis and types of implant and location of incisions. 

Then we proceed to the physical exam portion of the consultation. My assistant I and go over a detailed exam with measurements of the anatomic landmarks of your breasts. The sternal notch to nipple distance, the thickness of the skin over the breast and the base diameter of the breast. These measurements provide a basic guidelines for size of implant selection. Then imaging software called Crisalix takes a 3-D image of your breast. Crisalix program allows for "trying on" implants of different sizes. The software allows for 3-D visualizing your breast with implants in place. 

The whole consultation takes about 1 hour.What happens at a breast augmentation consultation, submitted image.

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