What is the Best Acne Treatment for a 18 year old male?

I am 18 and let’s just say that I have had it up to here (imagine me pointing to my forehead) with my acne. What is the best treatment for someone like me? If the treatment makes my acne worse before it gets better that’s fine. I can always start when the summer starts so I can avoid school with it being worse. I just need to find something that works.


M, 21, New York

You must see a board certified dermatologist.  

There are several types of acne (hormonal, comedic, cystic) which are caused by different things and treated differently.   You may be a candidate for accurate , Broad band light ( BBL) or laser.  Medical therapy is always first, a good facial wash that you USE 2-3 times per day with benzoyl peroxide and possibly antibiotics.   

You need an in person evaluation!