What is the Best Laser treatment for big Stretch Marks?

I just had my 30th birthday and as gift to myself I am trying to find a solution for my stretch marks. My stretch marks are mainly around my butt and thighs. What type of laser is best set up to get rid of these types stretch marks? I have seen some good results for the fraxel lasers. Are there any other specifics that I should keep in mind as I continue my research?


F, 33, Pennsylvania

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A resurfacing laser work best using water as the chromophore.  Nonablative fractionated lasers would require more treatments.  A good option is also microneedling with PRP.


If you have new red stretch marks, I would recommend Pulse Dilation laser. However, if your stretch marks are lighter, the CO2 laser and other fraxel lasers are very effective. Darker skin tones may be harder to treat with lasers.