What is the best place to get liposuction?

There are so many clinics offering liposuction it's difficult to choose one when you don't know much about it. Is there any one country that's famous for having the best plastic surgeons? The credibility of the doctor I choose is extremely important to me. I really want to minimize the risk of being the victim of a botched cosmetic surgery.

There are good doctors in many countries.  Wherever you go for surgery, it's best to stay there for 2-3 months to make sure you have dealt with all the potential consequences of the surgery, since problems might arise late after any surgery, not just in the days and weeks after.  It's also important to keep in touch with the physician who did the work, since that doctor will be the best person to help you in case of questions or issues, not a doctor that had no involvement in your surgery.

Great question. You're wise to be cautious. The risks aren’t limited to just “botched cosmetic surgery,” patients in less reputable clinics have died from liposuction gone wrong.

Unlike tummy tucks, breast lifts and other more substantial surgical procedures,  liposuction is often performed in specialized "lipo" clinics. Please be aware that some foreign clinics operate without a license and employ doctors who aren’t board certified or don’t possess the proper medical training. Their liposuction techniques may be sub-par and possibly even dangerous.

I can't say which country has "the best" plastic surgeons, but I can say that the US is among the most popular global destinations for plastic surgery and has some of the highest professional standards worldwide.

More important than picking the right "country" is to do your homework and research the doctor and clinic beforehand. Always make sure to review before-and-after photos of a surgeon’s work and make sure they're experienced with the procedure in question. If your dermatologist or plastic surgeon can’t provide you with visual records of their work -- and  testimonials from happy patients -- I advise you to keep looking.

Nothing is more expensive than botched plastic surgery.

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The United States has extremely high standards for licensing and certification. But the choice of "country" is less important than choosing a plastic surgeon with a history of great results.

While liposuction costs may be lower abroad, even a procedure as simple as liposuction has the potential to go wrong if circumstances interfere. There are risks inherent with general anesthesia and fat removal that only a highly-trained physician can address.

Always make sure that your provider is a board-certified plastic surgeon. And to guarantee the best results and the safest liposuction techniques, make certain the clinic you choose is licensed and has a solid reputation.

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The best plastic surgeons are right here in America! This is not to say that other countries do not have wonderfully talented surgeons, but the risk of plastic surgeries done somewhere other than here are not worth it. When you figure in the cost of travel, the cost of staying in your destination for a certain period of recovery, plus the surgery, it is much more cost effective to have your surgery done here. The real risk of surgery out of this country is that other countries do not have the strict standards that surgeons need to adhere to as we have in America. Also if you were to develop an infection or some other complication finding a surgeon here that would treat you would be next to impossible.

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Best to see ONLY private practice boarded USA PSs, by the ABPS and are members of ASPS &/or ASAPS. Also should have hospital surgical privileges to preform liposuction. 

So many plastic surgeons on this forum! Again, like the botox question I answered for somebody else, a title doesn't mean that you're good at what you do. I do lots of liposuction and have great results. Additionally, I have seen results of liposuction from some plastic surgeons which are less than optimal. The most important thing is that you ask for lots of before and after pictures and get a feeling for someone's reputation around town. Talk to other people who have done liposuction with that physician. My experience started as a Radiologist where I did many exacting procedures. Now I do cosmetic medicine and laser surgery full-time and have trained with several different excellent groups of people in tumescent liposuction. Yes, do your homework! No, don't settle on a title alone. 

Thank you for your question.  Please choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Have a few consultations with highly credentialed Doctors in your area, and then go with whoever you are most comfortable with.  It is best to stay local within driving distance to your Plastic Surgeon because you will need to see him or her for a few months after having Liposuction to make sure you are healing well.  Often, patients choose a doctor based on the lowest surgical cost, which results in unsatisfactory results and regret.  Choosing wisely will surely minimize the risk of being "botched", as you had mentioned.  I hope this was helpful.

Best Wishes, Dr. B.

There are excellent well trained plastic surgeons all over the world. Just do your homework and research on the person you are thinking about using and ask about their training and qualifications to perform the procedure your interested in having done. Good Luck! 

I would recommend avoiding a "clinic offering liposuction".  Many of these are unregulated and the procedure is not performed by a plastic surgeon.  Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures and I recommend that you have consultations with several plastic surgeons in your area and commit to the one with which you are most comfortable.  I would not recommend traveling to another country to have surgery.  If you are unhappy with the results you will have to go back as most doctors in the US may be reluctant to intervene once you are back.  Also consider the non invasive methods of body contouring which may be a good choice for you.

You should consult with a Board Certified PS with extensive experience performing liposuction. You should look at lots of before and after photos by the surgeon. You can request to speak to some of the surgeon's patients who have had liposuction. Also, you should ascertain whether the operating room is accredited. Good luck!

I understand your concerns and you should definitely seek out a physician who is experienced with liposuction.  Even though liposuction is a very safe, straightforward procedure, it is not without risks.  You should get multiple opinions and review the board certification, credentials, and before and after photos of the physician.  You should also ask to speak with other patients who have had the procedure with that doctor.  The zwivel platform that you are on now can be used to search for and connect with multiple expert cosmetic doctors online to get their expert opinions and recommendations, all before going in for a full consultation.  Good luck!

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I would recommend staying in the United States

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I totally agree with you. You should make sure that the plastic surgeon that you choose has the same liposuction priveleges in a fully accredited hospital and that he is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. 

The United States