What is the best time to Get Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

I have already determined that I need to get male breast reduction surgery. The question is, what is the best age to get the procedure done? I don’t want to get the procedure too early in my life and still have to deal with the same issue down the road. I am 29 years old, is that a good time to get it taken care of?


M, 30, Vermont

If your chest enlargement has been present for two or more years (as I suspect), then you can get a male breast reduction at any time.  In fact, the younger the patient, the more the skin will tighten (skin elasticity gradually diminishes with time).  

If your gynecomastia has been present since puberty, then you should not worry about a recurrence after surgery.  If your gynecomastia is recent, then your surgeon may want to investigate further before surgery.

Do your research, interview several surgeons and ask to see before and after photos of their prior patients.  For further info, check out my website, which is exclusively devoted to gynecomastia surgery:  www.gynecomastianewyork.com

Good luck!

Elliot W. Jacobs, MD, FACS

New York City

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