What is the best varicose vein treatment to get?

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I've got varicose veins in my ankles. I'm newly retired but I worked as a bank teller for many, many years so I've spent A LOT of time on my feet. I'm lucky because the nature of my job made me a perfect candidate for really bad varicose veins but somehow I managed to avoid them until this past year and, so far, they're just around my ankles. From what I've read, lasers, foam fillers and vein gluing seem the most appealing to me but how can I narrow it down further? What other considerations need to be made? With the bit of information I've given, what would you recommend? There may be procedures out there that I've no knowledge of so please feel free to suggest whatever you think would be the best treatment for someone in my situation. In case it would've affected your suggestions, please note that cost isn't an issue--fortunately!