What is a chemical peel?

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What exactly is meant by chemical peel? When I hear of it, it is usually in relation to the face. I don't associate it with anything positive. For example, when I envision the procedure I picture a very harsh chemical solution being applied to and absorbed by the skin on my face. Then I imagine the chemical almost literally peels off the outer layers of skin by burning it off. The problem is I think I would benefit from getting a chemical peel. I am 56 and, basically, have age spots and sun-damaged skin because of the way I've lived my life. I'd be very content to get rid of them if I could though. I would really appreciate a professional opinion on the procedure


F, 58, California

During a chemical peel, a solution is applied to the skin which makes the skin peel removing the outer layers of skin. It helps with dark spots caused by acne and sun and can also help with brightening the skin. For more stubborn sun spots a laser could be used, such as one we use in our office called VBeam Perfecta. 

-Lauren, Patient Coordinator

Chemical peels don't have to hurt! There is new technology for chemical peels, so that they can activate deeper in the skin so you don't have the large flakes. You can choose to have series of superficial chemical peels with minimal discomfort or downtime and remove some of those age spots and sun-damaged skin. Yes, there are peels that involve more downtime, but many people choose to go with a laser instead to achieve the desired results.