What is chin botox good for?

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I've just heard about chin botox. Actually this woman on a local radio call-in show called it 'chin-tox' which is what really caught my ear. The woman caller was just really grateful because the botox had filled out her chin and now it suited her face so much more. It made me wonder if it could also work to smooth out chin creases. I smoke, unfortunately, and I'm afraid that years of pursing my lips to take a haul off a cigarette have caused this kind of wrinkling or creasing on my skin. It really brings my face down and ages me A LOT. I've been really tempted to do something about it for a long time now, so when I heard it was a filler, I just felt hopeful. I know the first step should be to quit smoking. That's my next step! Thank you. And thank you for not judging.


F, 44, New York

Botox in the chin doesn't fill in volume, but it does nicely soften lines. It is typically very cost effective, as only a few units of Botox are needed to treat this area.