What is the cost for Brazilian butt lift surgery?

What would I be looking at cost-wise for surgery to get a Brazilian butt lift? Is there a price range or is it one fixed amount? Also, are there any surgeons who offer a sliding scale when it comes to this procedure?


F, 32, Ohio

Good morning, the cost depends on the amount of work needed, your size, and volume of your goal, since most of the time the expenses of the operating room and anesthesia services are time-based.  Expect something between $9000-15000 on the east coast.

It definitely depends! It depends on your examination, the surgeon, the zip code, and your goals! I think a safe rule of thumb is that it costs around 2500-3500 an hour for a plastic surgeons' fees, plus around 1200-1600 an hour for OR and anesthesia (at least in Newport Beach, CA). If you find a slick, board certified plastic surgeon, it can cost anywhere from 6000-12000 overall.