What is the cost of Saline Breast Implants?

I am trying to figure out what the cost is for Saline Breast Implants. What should I expect for an all in price? A lot of docs will give a price that does not include a variety of other fees. It is just like buying a car. The sticker in 15K and the final price you end up at is 3K more. All I want is an honest all in price. Thanks!


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Prices obviously vary by location and practice, as some markets are more costly to practice, and some surgeons believe we provide a better overall result and experience, justifying a somewhat higher price for a greater value. 

Typically, you can expect the fees to breakdown like this:

Surgeon fee - this is highly variable and can run between 2k and 5k depending on where you are (for example, New York and Beverly Hills have higher pricing in many cases)

Facility fee - covers the surgicenter's costs in supplying equipment, operating room facility, sutures, dressings, assisting staff, etc. that are used in surgery

Anesthesia provider fee - the fee for the person who is providing anesthesia. This may be a physician anesthesiologist or could be a CRNA nurse anesthetist, with pricing variable depending on which category

Implant fee - the cost of the actual implants, purchased from Mentor, Allergan, Sientra, Ideal Implant, etc. These prices also vary depending on how much volume of surgery the facility/surgeon ordering the implants performs, with busier ones getting volume discounts over time. It also depends on the manufacturer and their individual contracts (for instance, for my practice, Mentor is offering a more cost effective saline implant fee of about 400-500 per pair, whereas Allergan is a little more expensive and Ideal Implant is twice that price, as the technology is different).

Supplies like surgical bra - some surgeons bundle this into the total price, others list it as a line item, others tell you to go buy some at Wal-Mart

Often these all are bundled together to a final price, after which discounts may be applied.

In many markets this total price for a saline augmentation averages out to about $5000, with silicone coming in between $5500 and $6500. I've seen these as high as $8000 in some markets and as low as $3000 in others, but to some extent, you get what you pay for when you start dipping below around $4500 - perhaps you are getting a new surgeon less experienced, or a facility that is known more as a "factory" kind of environment.

For more info, we are happy to offer a consultation and can also do this through video telemedicine consult tools.

We also use Crisalix simulation software to help preview the potential result for patients.


Hope this helps!

-- Dr. Sayed

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