What is a deviated septum? How is it identifiable?

The ridge of my nose has a bump on it. Is that what deviated septum is? Most people I heard say they had surgery to correct a deviated septum had a similar bump removed. Was this just an excuse for them to have a nose job or is this what a deviated septum surgery entails?


F, 26, Maryland

A deviated septum describes an abnormality inside your nose which depending on degree may impact on your breathing. A bump on the out side of your nose is more of a cosmetic issue or possibly a post traumatic deformity. Both of which can be addressed at the time of nasal surgery. If there is a functional problem, a breathing issue, insurance may cover that component of the surgery.

You septum is the dividing wall between your left and rright nose. If it is not straight you can have symptoms like trouble breathing, nose bleeds, sinusitis, etc.

The septum does also contribute to the height of the nose (and the bump, along with the nasal bones).  Therefore if someone wanted to have a 'nose job' or rhinoplasty, it would be in their best interest to have a septoplasty at the same time.  But you do not have to fix the bump, or have a rhinoplasty to have your breathing corrected.  That portion is optional.

Good luck!

Samir Undavia