What is a forehead lift?

I've been reading these glowing testimonials for forehead lifts. These women claim that they look decades younger and they're basically just over the moon about the results. But I haven't seen any explanation of the procedure itself in their reviews. Do you think that they omit the details on purpose not to scare off potential patients? How much surgery is involved in a forehead lift and how would the results differ from a brow lift (which I've also read glowing reviews for)? The cost isn't what will make the difference in my case. I just want to make sure I do the right thing for my face.


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Forehead lifts will elevate your eyebrows to a more youthful (and less saggy) position.  This usually makes your face look more "open" and "rested" and "bright."  It can also help smooth any deep lines in your forehead to add to the rejuvenation results.  There are different ways that this surgery can be done depending on how much eyebrow sagging or loose skin/deep lines are present.  Consult with a PS who is experienced with the various techniques so you can get a better idea of what to expect for your specific situation.  Best of luck!

The typical forehead lift is done using an endoscopic technique and devices called Endotines. These are absorbable, "carpet tack" devices that are affixed right to (and slightly into) the skull to anchor the forehead tissues. They dissolve over months and the bone anchor points heal up on their own. This procedure is FAR less invasive than the old fashioned "coronal" browlift that involved a long incision across the crown of the scalp from ear to ear and removal of some scalp tissue. That procedure also tended to raise the hairline. An alternative is an incision right at the frontal hairline that allows lifting of forehead tissues, removal of some skin, and closure into a scar that hugs the hairline. A final method is to lift the outer brow for arching by placing an incision behind the hairline in the temple and removing some scalp there. 

-- Dr. Sayed

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