What is Kybella and what does it do to the body?

I have a pretty straighforward question: What is Kybella? I want to know what it's made of and what it'll do to my body exactly. I've a lot about double chins and everywhere says that kybella is the best option but I really don't know much about it. I've never heard the name before. Is it like Botox?


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Kybella is an injectable acid that breaks down fat.  It takes 2-3 treatments.  I totally disagree with another doctor who says that there is no downtime.  The area gets swollen and red and some people look like a bullfrog for a few days.  It burns when it is injected unless local anesthesia is injected ahead of time.  If you are going to inject local anesthesia, why not make a small opening and liposuction out the fat in one treatment without all of the swelling and redness.  There can be  bruising with either technique.  If you have loose skin then you will need skin tightening with Accutite or Facetite which heats the skin for contraction.  As you can see, I am not advocate for Kybella as the primary treatment option for the double chin.  Do your research.  Good luck.

Dr. David M. Tauber, MD - DeLucaPlasticSurgery.com - Albany, NY

Both liposuction and Kybella are effective treatments to help improve the appearance of fullness associated with fat of the neck in adults. In both treatments the fat is removed. The real difference is treatment time and recovery. 

Kybella is an acid that dissolves fat. During an office treatment, the product is injected into the fat pad of the neck - dissolving the fat. The body then absorbs the fat over several weeks. There is no downtime, however, there is swelling and some numbness in the area during this time. The injections are usually done once a month and it can take 2 to 6 treatments to reach full effect depending on the severity of the fat.

See the following link below for more information: http://tiny.cc/kybella

Liposuction, in contrast, is body-contouring procedure that removes fat from the neck through a small access incision below the chin. The results are immediate, however, the trade off is bruising, numbness, and swelling of the treatment areas. In addition, there is the need to wear a supportive strap for the neck for 1-2 weeks.

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