What is a liquid facelift anyway?

I remember seeing somebody on one of those daytime talk shows like The View or Dr. Phil a few years ago talking about something they were calling a liquid facelift.. I remember being kind of intrigued by the idea but can't recall what the product was or how it was alleged to work, only that this person was claiming you could get a facelift that was ALMOST as good as the real thing without surgery at a fraction of the cost. Might you be aware of the treatment I'm referring to and be able to tell me more about these liquid facelifts ?

Thank you for sharing your question.  A Liquid Facelift is another name for face injections with FDA approved Facial Fillers.  
A number of different temporary filler products can be used, and have a varying range of how long they last.  Some last 4-6 months, others last up to 2 years.  Face fillers are a great way to add volume where it is lost in certain areas that cannot be addressed during a Facelift.  These injections are not meant to replace a Facelift.  If you have excess hanging skin on the face and neck you will absolutely have better results with a Facelift Surgery (which is known as a Rhytidectomy).  You can still see great results from having Face Fillers injected if you do not want to have surgery.  Many of my patients have a Facelift and still need Face Fillers for certain areas such as the lips, around the mouth, and nasolabial fold.  If you are considering either please see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area for consultation.  I hope this information was helpful to you.

Best Wishes, Dr. B.

Liquid facelift is just a marketing tool for soft tissue fillers. Some dermatologists and surgeons may be promoting this as such because they aren't trained to or are not comfortable performing facelifts. Soft tissue fillers are excellent modalities to help volumize areas of your face and are a very useful tool in facial rejuvenation. Facelifts are excellent operations that are very powerful and correct many different areas of facial and neck aging. If interested in facial rejuvenation I recommend seeing a plastic surgeon that offers both and see which option is best for you. Good Luck!