What is a mid-face lift?

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Wow. Every time I turn around I hear about some new version of a face lift. It makes me wonder if they're all pretty much the same but just advertised as being different. As a perfect example: the mid-face lift. How is it different than a mini-facelift? Why would I opt for that over a total face lift? Is it the cost? I'm desperate to have work done on my face but I'm so overwhelmed by the all of the choices that I don't know where to start and I'd rather not put it off any longer. Help! What do I need to know to make my final decision?


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The midface is the area between the inner and outer corners of the eye and the corner of the mouth.  This area is not improved by a traditional face and neck lift, which addresses the cheeks in front of the ear and the neck region.  You can simulate a midface lift on yourself by gently pinching some skin just under the outer corner of the eye and lifting 90% up and 10% back.  You will notice that the inner cheek along the side of the nose is lifted and improved and the naso-labial lines are softened somewhat.

This is one of my favorite operations.  It is performed thru an incision just under the lower lid eyelashes.  This will not only lift the midface area but it also allows for improvement of the lower eyelids (removing eye bags and tightening skin).

For complete facial rejuvenation, a midface lift combined with a traditional face/neck lift is fabulous.

For further information, please see midface lift information on my website:  https://www.plasticsurgeonnewyork.com/mid_facelift.php

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