What is a mini facelift? How is it different?

What is the difference between a mini facelift and a facelift?


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Typically, a mini facelift helps lift the neck, jowls, and face for someone who doesn't have a lot of skin sagging.  It is better for younger patients that don't have as severe facial aging as some of the older patients.  There is less manipulation of the tissues, and therefore, the recovery is usually faster too.  It is best to consult with a plastic surgeon to see what your options are.  Best of luck!

Hi Jamiee

Different surgeons may have a different concept on this.

For me, a "mini-facelift" is a cheek lift.  I define the cheek as the area below the lower eyelid and above the lower jaw.  As such, the lax skin and sagging fat pad (of Bichet) are tightened and re-suspended to a more youthful position while maintaining a natural appearance.

I define a lower facelift as a cheek lift and a neck lift (area between the lower jaw and collar bones) combined.

Hope this helps.


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A mini-facelift can have many different meanings depending on who you speak to and can vary.  Its mostly just a marketing ploy for the patient to be comfortable saying they don't need a "full" facelift. The operation is performed to address your concerns and goals. A less invasive procedure or "mini" operation may address certain aspects of your face/neck as opposed to both your midface, lower face and neck. Hope this was helpful.