What is the most effective way to remove armpit fat?

I am 19 years old, very active and have a lot of muscle mass on my body, 5'4 and 155 lbs. All of the woman in my family have armpit fat. I have tried to work out and do specialized work out to remove my fat, but I have given up because nothing has changed, not one bit from working out. I love my body and life, I just hate my armpits. 

My family has now now concluded that it is hereditary from my great grandmother. 

What is the most affordable and best way to remove armpit fat that shows in my bras, swim suits, tank tops?


F, 21, Wisconsin

Hi! Sorry to hear about that stubborn armpit area. I would have to examine you, but this could be fat or it could be extra breast tissue. Both can be treated with liposuction but very large extra breast tissue sometimes needs to be removed by cutting it out. See a board certified plastic surgeon for more information.