What is the quickest way to get a bigger bum?

I want to get a bigger bum without undergoing any surgery. I know exercising to achieve a larger bum will most likely take a long time. Are there any alternatives to increase my bum size, which won't take as long? What is the best way to get a big bum non-surgically, without taking forever?


F, 30, Ohio

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There are some "quick" nonsurgical ways to increase the size of the buttock. However none of these are currently ethical and carry a very high degree of risk, including death. They consist in injecting synthetic substances into the buttock area

None of these methods are approved in the US, due to their associated risk for the patient. Sometimes, unscrupulous individuals offer these options to people in the US or perform them abroad. Daily patients die second or shortly after having them injected. When they do not die, very often they develop all kinds of skin and soft tissue complications that compromise the health of the patient. I currently perform a large number of reconstructive surgeries on patients that once had these quick nonsurgical options administered to their bodies and after some years started to see complications and disfigurations.

Please stay away from these options and spread the word about their dangers - it could save a life!



There is no other way non-surgically to increase your buttocks other than exercise.