What is a thigh lift?

I have struggled with my weight for my whole life and though I continue to, I'm proud to show off the parts of me where I've made really great progress. Sadly, my thighs are not one of those parts. I want to get a procedure done that can correct what I haven't been able to correct through other means. I considered liposuction but I don't think it's enough. I am aware of thigh lift surgery but I'm not clear on what is involved and I'm really confused as to why there appear to be so many different types (medial, spiral, inner, outer....!).What does a basic thigh lift entail and how do I know if that's the right one for me? What more can you tell me about the thigh lift that will help me to decide?


F, 45, New York

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Hi Mommab

Simply put a thigh lift is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat of either the medial or lateral thigh, or both.  Liposuction is usually also employed during the procedure.

Usually only the medial or the lateral thigh is done at one time.

The incision type used depends on the defect present and degree of defect.  Specifically, the amount of fat present, the degree of laxity in the transverse dimension, and the axial (head to toe) dimension will determine the incision type to be used.  Do not get too bogged down with this detail.

Basically, a section of skin is removed along with the underlying fat.  Liposuction is also use for sculpting.  The wound edges are then approximated so that the skin is tightened axially and transversely.

Thigh lift is a big operation, and leaves visible scars which can be quite ugly, frankly, even under the best of circumstances, and you need to accept this possibility.

I advise you to schedule consultations with three different plastic surgeons who  have experience with and a passion for treating weight loss patients.  Also you need to be in good health, non-smoker, stable weight.  If you are far from your target weight, I advise you to get there first, and you may need to consider wight loss help with a coach, a weight loss doctor, or even bariatric surgery.

You may want to look at obesityhelp.com for ideas.

Good lucki.