What is a typical mommy makeover price range?

I would like to get a standard mommy makeover, including a breast lift, augmentation, liposuction and a tummy tuck. What is the typical mommy makeover price range that most doctors will charge for all of those procedures together? You save some money if you get them at once, rather than breaking up the procedures, correct?


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Elective cosmetic procedure are typically divided into 3 main components: 1. Professional fees for the surgeon 2. Professional fees for the anesthesiologist 3. Facility fees for the operating room and overnight stay There are many variables to this. For example, there are some geographical differences in fees. There may also be differences in professional fees. Facility fees may vary widely depending on the setting for surgery. For example, if the procedure is performed in a hospital, the fees will generally be higher than having the procedure performed in a surgery center owned by the doctor. Fees will generally run from $15K to $25K depending on the exact scenario. This is an involved procedure, so I would recommend using a board certified surgeon with adequate credentials and have your procedure done in a facility that prioritizes patient safety rather than cost cutting.

The prices will vary depending upon location and surgeon and what needs to be done, but it will typically cost about $20,000 - $22,000 for everything, including OR and anesthesia.  It generally does cost less if you have them all done together.  You can start an online consultation here on zwivel to get recommendations and estimated fees from doctors in your area.  Just click "ask a cosmetic doctor".

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