What is a Weekend Facelift and what is your opinion about it?

Could someone please confirm for me whether or not there is such a thing as a Weekend Facelift and, if there is, what is it? It sounds very promising.


F, 54, Kentucky

There are many versions of less invasive facelifts which surgeons have named.  They typically do have shorter recovery times, the results are generally more subtle that a more invasive lift.  My approach with all facelifts is to individualize the procedure for the particular patients needs for both improvement and recovery time.

Less invasive techniques involve fillers and botox. Even some laser light therapies. Best of luck!

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Generally, less invasive procedures do not last as long and improvement is subtle. I want to know more about the weekend facelift. Never heard of it.

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There are a multitude of less invasive facelifts than a full facial rejuvenation. These have a variety of nicknames. Some of them are copyrighted such as quicklift or lifestyle lift. In general they're all less invasive or mini facelifts with Less dramatich change but also less recovery and risks, heaing, bruising etc.  

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