What kind of surgeon performs both functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty?

I badly broke my nose as a child. It wasn't seen to until it was too late to put it back in place. I am now 28 and to this day it remains terribly crooked.

For years, I didn't feel 100% well but assumed all was fine. Last year I was diagnosed with chronic pansinusitis with acute flare-ups. I saw an ear, nose and throat specialist who confirmed that it was the break that caused a severely deviated septum. As a result, one nostril is significantly narrower than the other, making breathing difficult.

The specialist advised me that my pansinusitis was not going to improve without surgery to correct the deviated septum. He assured me that the surgery would fix the internal problem but externally my nose would remain the exact same. I have health insurance that I assume would cover this surgery in part. 

However, I find it pointless to have only functional surgery when my nose is so visibly broken. I resent that correcting a broken nose is considered cosmetic as I don't want a different nose - I just want it put back to where it was. I definitely don't want to have two costly surgeries on my nose.

My issue is that a cosmetic surgeon and the surgeon that the specialist would send me to are not one and the same. I am unsure of how to proceed because the specialist diagnosed me and has all the medical information and specialist knowledge to treat my condition. A plastic surgeon may not have these things but will have the specialist knowledge and aesthetic eye to fix my nose externally.

Is there any kind of surgeon who would be able to address both issues simultaneously? I am also hoping that as it is partly medically necessary I can still make use of my insurance.


F, 29, Australia

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Thank you for the question and a board certified plastic surgeon or ent should be able to correct your problem

Dr Corbin 


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