What mid-face lift technique brings the best results?

I've been researching mid-face lifts for a while now, and I've noticed that doctors use a lot of different surgical techniques to lift up cheeks. If you were to recommend one, which would it be?


F, 53, Virginia

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This question is difficult without photos as each patient is unique in what they may need and thus the surgical techniques used. Ensure you consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon by the AMerican Board of Plastic Surgery. To have lasting natural effects with lifting up the cheeks the SMAS technique really helps provide a good result. This is where the skin is seperated and a deep layer superficial musculoaponeurotic plane (SMAS) is developed. This can help tigtehn the cheek areas and shape while fat is injected in areas where needed. It depends on your desired results ultimately so a consultation will be helpful.