What procedure provides Ear Reduction and the cost?

My ears look like they are trying to jump off my head. As first child I was teased pretty aggressively because of it. Now that I have some cold hard cash I was wondering what the best way to fix them would be and how much it could cost. It is nice to know that there is a potential fix to my problem though. Amen to giving people options.


M, 32, California

It sounds like otoplasty could be the right choice of treatment for you. This type of plastic surgery is suitable for both adults and children aged four years or older, and can be used to reshape ears, improve facial symmetry, pin back protruding ears, and more.

Otoplasty is a fairly common procedure and can significantly improve your self-esteem and general quality of life.

As with most types of plastic surgery, the cost involved with otoplasty surgery can vary depending on a range of factors. Generally speaking, expect to pay between $3,000-$6,000, and sometimes even more.

One of the biggest factors affecting the cost is whether you choose to have the operation in a surgical center or at your doctor’s office. People with more complex requirements and young children typically need to have their ear surgery performed in a surgical center, which is usually more expensive than getting it done in-office.

Another factor that will influence the cost is the complexity of the procedure and the amount of time it takes to do the surgery. Otoplasty generally takes around two hours, but this can vary depending on your circumstances. The longer you’re being operated on, the more expensive the procedure will be.

Finally, your geographical location also has a big impact on the cost of ear surgery. Receiving otoplasty in a large city with a high cost of living will typically be more expensive than having the operation performed in a more modestly priced region.

Your plastic surgeon will be able to provide you with more specific details on costs during your initial consultation. Feel free to compare costs between surgeons, but be wary of making your decision based on price alone.

Ear reduction surgery is typically referred to as otoplasty, which is a type of cosmetic surgery used to enhance the appearance of a person’s ears. It can be used to correct a wide range of cosmetic imperfections, as well as treat a number of congenital defects, including microtia, macrotia, scroll ear, and more. It is a popular procedure and many people experience fantastic results.

Everyone’s ears are unique, so the exact nature of the surgery can differ from person to person. Just about every aspect of the ear can be modified during plastic surgery, including the size of the ear, earlobe, and angle at which the ear protrudes from the side of the head.

Reshaping and resizing your ears can create a better sense of balance of your facial features. During your initial consultation, your plastic surgeon will be able to provide you with some options and recommendations based on your specific needs.

The procedure takes approximately two hours. Adults are usually operated on under local anesthetic, while children tend to receive otoplasty surgery under general anesthetic. Ear reduction surgery typically involves your doctor making a small incision behind the ear, removing unwanted skin and cartilage, and reshaping the ear.

The recovery process is fairly swift and most adults are able to return to work and their usual activities after one week, though you may need to wear a special headband for a few weeks. You may find that your ears are slightly swollen in the weeks immediately following surgery, but swelling usually goes away completely within three months.

As mentioned earlier, otoplasty procedures have a very high satisfaction rate, so there’s a good chance you’ll be pleased with the results.

Are you saying you are interested in reduction of a prominent ear deformity (for lack of a more politically correct term, "dumbo ears")? This is a common condition that is a normal variant of ear development. The procedure to treat this is called otoplasty and is very popular. Although typically done in childhood around 6-8 years of age (around the time school issues may arise but once the cartilage has grown to close to its adult size), otoplasty can be done in adulthood too. The surgery takes between 1.5-3 hours depending on the situation and is usually done under general anesthesia, although consideration can be given to doing it under local in adults. Recovery requires wearing special bandaging for a week to two weeks and some care to prevent pressure on the sites. Healing is generally complete within a few months. Recurrence of the prominence (the ear "bouncing back") can occur but if so, retreatment is usually successful.

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Thank you for sharing your question.  The procedure you are referring to is called an Otoplasty.  It can be done in an office under local anesthesia.  Please be sure to see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for this procedure.  Here in NJ, the cost is about $4500.  Feel free to visit my website to see a before and after photo of a patient who had an Otoplaty surgery in my office.  I hope this was helpful to you.

Best Wishes, Dr. B.


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