What procedures work best to firm the neck and chin?

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What procedures work best to firm the neck and chin, submitted image.

I don't need anything too dramatic or radical, fortunately, as my face in and of itself has aged well (I'm 53, about to turn 54)--HOWEVER my chin and neck are more problematic. I've always felt like my chin was too small for my face, basically, and now that the skin on my neck is beginning to lose its firmness (okay, it's beginning to sag! I've said it!), I find it makes my chin or lack of chin disappear into one long, wrinkled neck. What procedures would you recommend that would firm up my neck area and help define my chin in the process?


M, 55, Kentucky

You are a good age for a face/neck lift if you are open to surgery.  Chin definition can usually be addressed with injectable fillers which are customizable to your face and don't require surgery.  While there are many non invasive procedures to firm up neck skin (skin tyte, HALO), your description sounds like surgery would be appropriate and then you can use the non invasive procedures to maintain it.

Bill, I think you'd love the result of a neck lift (tightening of muscles and skin) combines with a chin implant. The operation places a small scar under your chin and around your ears, but the scar heals nicely and you can go home the same night. Nonsurgical alternatives like Kybella, and even liposuction will not address the chin issue or excess skin. I hope this helps!

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