What should I do about a leaking breast implant?

I have a ruptured implant that doctors told me for a couple of years it was safe until I can replace due to silicone staying in the capsule. Recently the silicone and blood is leaking through my old incision at an uncomfortable rate. I can't get into a plastic surgeon for consultation for two weeks. Is this a medical emergency?


F, Texas

You should see your surgeon or other expert in the area ASAP to have those implants removed.  They should not be leaking through the skin!

Dr Corbin


Hi.  You should see your surgeon ASAP.  Although it is not a good idea to leave leaking implants in place, it is usually not an absolute emergency.  But if anything is coming through your skin, this could be dangerous.  Call your surgeon and let him/her know that this is happening.  I would suspect you won't have to wait 2 weeks for your appointment.  Good luck.