What should I do about my crooked nose?

Hi, I am 16 and it has been 2 years that I have been noticing my crooked nose. I don't see it when I look at myself in the mirror but when I take a selfie or a picture from the back camera up close, you can see my nose being more on my right side, I dont know what to do about it and I talked to my parents and they dont want me to worry about it so they say they dont notice it. I dont know if it's my muscles being weak or that I have a deviated septum which i think is when my columella is uneven. Also I have scoliosis so I'm guessing that can be a factor contributing to this situation?


F, 29, United Arab Emirates

Nasal and facial asymmetry is common. Part of nasal asymmetry may be due to a deviated septum. The decision for rhinoplasty surgery depends on many potential factors, including individual anatomy and personal preference. Many plastic surgeons suggest waiting until the nose and face have matured before undergoing cosmetic surgery. Read more in blog link below.

Reasons for rhinoplasty surgery


Dr. Chaboki