What Should I Expect After 360 Lipo Bbl with fat transplant?

What Should I Expect After 360 Lipo Bbl with fat transplant and implant with inner thigh lipo and arm lipo.


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360 cc's is a small amount of fat to be transferred for a BBL.  You should expect that half of that will go away.  If you are getting an implant at the same time, then the implant will provide the additional volume for buttock enhancement (a significant part of a BBL is not the fat transfer but the removal of fat above and around the buttocks).  Inner thigh and arm liposuction are very well tolerated procedures.  Overall, you should expect to avoid sitting for 2 weeks.  The recovery in general should not be very bad at all.

The Brazilian butt lift has a high satisfaction rate, but it is important to take care of your body properly in the days and weeks following your plastic surgery.

After the procedure, you'll probably have some bruising where the fat was harvested (the arms and inner thighs, in your case). You can use painkillers to manage any discomfort associated with the swelling, and your doctor may also apply a compression garment on these areas to help the body heal.

The most important part of the recovery process is to avoid sitting directly on your buttocks for about two months after your surgery as doing so can affect blood circulation in the treatment area, which may impact results. You'll need to sleep on your side or stomach during this time, and use a donut pillow if you absolutely have to sit down.

I find that most people are back on their feet within a day or two, can return to work after about a week, and can resume normal activities after about eight weeks. For best results, be sure to adhere to the aftercare instructions provided by your board-certified cosmetic surgeon.

The Brazilian butt lift is an extremely popular cosmetic procedure because it extracts fat from unwanted areas via liposuction, then uses that unwanted fat to improve the appearance of the buttocks, rendering them more shapely and rounded. The ultimate objective is a slimmer, more toned abdomen, and curvier backside.

The locations from which the fat is grafted varies from patient to patient. Some bbl patients have fat harvested from problem areas such as their love handles or lower back. In your case, your surgeon has elected to perform liposuction in multiple areas: 360-degree liposuction, or circumferential liposuction of your abdomen and back with lipo of your arms and inner thighs. Liposuction recovery is relatively swift. It is common to experience some bruising, swelling or soreness for a few weeks in the places where the cannula was used to extract excess fat.

Following the lipo component of the procedure, the fat that has been harvested is cleaned and reinjected into the buttocks to create the coveted, shapely look. While the recovery for a Brazilian butt lift is relatively swift -- many patients return to work after a week and feel well enough to go out several days after the procedure -- the recovery requires diligence and care. Sitting for long periods of time, or too often during the first few weeks of recovery, will detrimentally affect your results.

The newly grafted fat cells are very prone to damage or death as they establish a blood supply, and placing pressure on them for long periods of time from sitting will reduce the number of cells that survive. Most surgeons advise their patients to avoid sitting for the first week after surgery and, then, limit their sitting for the next three weeks of their recovery. Donut-shaped cushions can help relieve pressure on the buttocks, as can getting up after 10-15 minutes of sitting to gently walk around. Strenuous exercise or activities that target the buttocks should be avoided until four weeks have passed.

Minimizing the time you spend sitting and closely following your surgeon's postoperative instructions are essential to achieve the best results. However, for multiple reasons, sometimes not as much fat survives the transfer as hoped for and a second procedure is necessary. For patients with an insufficient supply of fat cells, butt implants can represent an excellent alternative option.

The Brazilian butt lift (bbl) is a body contouring procedure which uses liposculpture to create more prominent, well-rounded buttocks. The augmentation of the buttocks depends on fat grafted from liposuction, with cells taken from areas more prone to stubborn fat deposits.

You mentioned that you are undergoing 360 lipo with inner thigh lipo and arm lipo. This is a comprehensive procedure which will significantly slim and shape your body. 360 lipo, in particular, refers to liposuction of the entire midsection with the intention to create a more toned and proportional appearance. The surgeon will harvest and clean the fat from the treated areas before strategically injecting it into the buttocks.

Following the procedure, you should set aside at least four weeks of recovery time. What you do during your recovery will very strongly affect your final results, so knowing what to expect and how to take care of yourself during this period is essential. The success of the Brazilian butt lift rests on the survival of the implanted fat cells. Not all fat cells survive the implantation procedure, as some are reabsorbed and removed by the body's immune system. Experienced plastic surgeons are aware that this happens, and harvest and inject significantly more fat than necessary to compensate for the fat cells that do not survive. In some cases, a second procedure is needed to transfer further fat cells, or permanent implants represent a good complementary option.

You can expect between 30-50% of the grafted cells to die. With this in mind, you need to follow your plastic surgeon's guidelines as closely as possible to ensure no more fat cells die than necessary. This means as little sitting as possible. Sitting places enormous pressure on the buttocks and can disrupt the blood supply to the newly grafted cells. The first is the most critical week to avoid sitting. If you have an occupation where you spend most of your time seated, you will need to take off at least one week.

During the first week, you should only sit when going to the bathroom. The rest of the time, you should be reclining, or occasionally standing and walking around to encourage blood flow. That being said, the viability of transferred fat cells is usually determined within the first 24 hours of the procedure as the grafts have approximately 24 hours to reconstitute blood supply. Significant pressure or movement in the first 10 days can disrupt the blood supply, so being prudent with sitting or unnecessary movement is advised.

From week two until four, you should sit with only the support of a pressure off-loading pillow. Try to sit for short periods only, then stand to shift your weight. Many patients also return to their exercise regime, on the proviso that exercises such as squats, leg presses or lunges are avoided. These butt-strengthening and toning exercises should only be attempted after four weeks have passed.

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Did you mean 360 degree lipo? I think my friend and colleague who answered this question may have mistakenly thought you said 360 cc of fat transfer. Many surgeons use the term 360 to refer to a circumferential, comprehensive liposuction of the torso, which is pretty commonly part of the BBL procedure. If you are thinking about also having a gluteal implant placement, then you would need less fat to the buttock, but be aware that many surgeons do not commonly offer buttock implants due to complication concerns. Inner thigh and arm lipo are straightforward from a surgical standpoint but there is always a concern if you have loose, saggy skin before the lipo as this may be exacerbated after the fat is suctioned. Have you already had a consultation or are you looking to schedule one? Many practices including ours offer video consultation tools for out of town patients.

Hope this helps!

-- Dr. Sayed

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