What solutions do I have for a weak jawline?

What solutions do I have for a weak jawline, submitted image.

I want to add more masculinity to my face because the current jawline makes me look like an adult kid. Few people believe me when I tell them my age. I know I won't resemble men in magazines but I aspire for a more sophisticated and stronger appearance, and the chin is everything when it comes to that. Any advice? What kind of doctor should I search for? Thank you!

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There are a few different chin augmentation procedures that can produce a strong jawline and improve the overall structure and symmetry of your face. Many people experience positive results with a chin implant, which typically involves making a small incision under the chin or along the lower gum line and inserting the chin implant in front of the jawbone. This can add proportion to the chin, create a more attractive jawline, and balance out your facial features. If you wish to explore this type of surgery, be sure to book a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facial surgery.

Alternatively, if you are interested in treatment that is a little less invasive, you might want to consider looking at using a facial filler. This approach involves injecting a dermal filler into the soft tissue under the skin and contouring it into a shape that produces a good jawline and best complements the structure of your face. Unlike a chin implant, a facial filler is not a permanent solution and will usually need to be redone about every two years, depending on which filler your surgeon decides to use. The advantage of this is that every time you get an injection, your surgeon is able to make changes to your chin to ensure your augmentation continues to look natural as your face and body change with age.

The cost of getting a facial filler depends on your location, the number of treatment sessions required, and the type of filler used. You can probably expect to pay around $500 - $700 per syringe. I recommend booking a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon, who will be able to provide you with more detailed options after evaluating you in person.

It sounds like a chin implant may be able to help you produce the angular, strong jawline you’re looking for. This is a very popular type of chin augmentation and is suitable for patients with a recessed, pointed, or square chin, and can help make a weak jawline look more masculine.

In my experience, chin implants have a high satisfaction rate and a low risk of complications. I think it is worth noting here that if your concerns are more than cosmetic (i.e. your jaw is weak or has other functional issues), you may need to speak with an orthognathic surgeon before exploring chin augmentation.

A chin implant is simply a piece of material such as silicone, GORE-TEX, or Teflon, which is shaped to enhance the existing structure of your face. This can bring a better sense of balance to your facial features and give you a chiseled jawline.

During the procedure, your surgeon makes a small incision beneath the chin or between the gum and lower lip, inserts the implant under the skin, and positions it along the jawbone. The implant is then sutured into place, with the sutures dissolving after about 10 days.

The recovery process is fairly swift, though I would recommend taking a week off work to allow your body to fully heal. For most people, the initial bruising fades in about 10 days, after which you can safely return to most of your normal activities. During the recovery period, you may be required to wear a recovery compression bandage to support your lower jaw, and your doctor may also advise you to use over-the-counter pain medication to manage any pain or discomfort you might experience.

Including all related fees, getting a chin implant typically costs between $3,000-$5,000. If you think a chin implant might be right for you, be sure to speak to a board-certified plastic surgeon to learn more. Some clinics even offer an advanced 3D-imaging system, which provides you with a simulation of what you’ll look like with a chin implant.

Chin augmentation can have a powerful effect on the overall appearance of the jaw. By creating a more prominent chin we can add definition to the lower jaw and add to the overall balance of the face.

The most common plastic surgery for a stronger chin and jawline is a chin implant.


Getting a chin implant is a safe, minimally invasive procedure which only requires one single incision. Chin implantation is an outpatient procedure. It takes only about one hour and has a rapid recovery time of about one week. Final results are typically visible in under two months.

Other, less-common chin surgery procedures to address a weak chin or a weak jawline include jaw advancement surgery and jaw implants, but these are only used in specific cases. Your plastic surgeon will advise you if he or she thinks these procedures make sense in your case.

From your question it sounds like a chin implant to increase chin projection would best address your goals, but a consultation would be necessary in order to give you any specific recommendations.

Also, during the chin implantation procedure we commonly perform some liposuction on the neck to help create the appearance of a stronger jawline. The liposuction can be performed through the same incision through which the chin insert is placed, so it makes sense to perform both procedures at the same time.

If you prefer a non-invasive procedure, we have had excellent results using facial fillers to augment a weaker jawline. We use Sculptra, Juvederm Voluma or Radiesse fillers. The results from fillers are almost as good as the surgical approach but much less permanent. These fillers are safe, widely used, and do an excellent job of creating the appearance of a strong chin and jawline.

For the best advice specific to your goals, I encourage you to come in for a consultation. Always remember to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon when you are considering surgical cosmetic procedures.

Thank you for sharing your question and photograph.  I would recommend using facial fillers to achieve a more prominent jaw and chin profile.  There are a few fillers that last a year or two such as Voluma and LYFT.  These are what I would use for this area.  Please see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area for this procedure.  I have a before and after photograph on my website of a patient injected with Voluma for chin projection: http://www.plasticsurgeryplusfreeholdnewjersey.com/injection-gallery

I hope this was helpful to you. Best Wishes, Dr. B.

To start it would be helpful to have more pictures including a front and profiles. One of the easiest ways to augment facial features is the use of fillers. The only negative is that it is temporary  but, fillers offer the opportunity to try out these changes to determine whether they meet your concerns. If so, you then have two options: continue with fillers or consider using some of your own fat a component of which will last forever. Typically, we quote approximately 50%.

You are looking for a more defined jawline. This is certainly possible with the aid of liposuction and prosthetic implants for the angle of your jaw and chin. Seek the counsel of board certified plastic surgeon with expertise in facial surgery.