What were the most common complaints for Lifestyle Lift?

What made Lifestyle Lift shut down? I've read some positive reviews and I was willing to try it until I found out the brand doesn't exist anymore. What happened? It seemed like a much better and simpler alternative than the traditional facelift. Not to mention the affordable price.


F, 51, New York

Poor patient selection because the surgeon never sees patient pre operatively! It is a micro mini Face Lift operation under local anesthesia based upon aggressive advertising programs. In fact the company went bankrupt.... See a board PS in person to offer you options. The newestminimially invasive options are the PDO Suture Thread Lifts or the Silhouette Instra Lifts. Both off results similar to LifeStyle Lifts without the long incisions. Or they can be combined with mini or full open lifts asI do also. I offer and train both options. Regards