What works for acne scarring on cheeks?

I have significant acne scarring on my cheeks (see below) and have looked into numerous treatments but I'm not sure which one to pick. Lasers have been around for years but I know all lasers are not created equally and few, if any, produce desirable results (I've heard lasers cause your skin to swell, producing temporary results as the pockmarks fill in but those results fade as the swelling starts to disappear). Micro needling looks interesting but again, i'm not sure if that would work. I've also heard fillers can be used to fill in the missing collagen under the scar but this is only temporary. Out of all the treatments i've mentioned and what you know to work best from your own experience, what do you recommend?

What works for acne scarring on cheeks, submitted image.


M, 29, Connecticut

Hi Jack,

Excellent question and your understanding of your issue and concern with available treatments are all valid. I think that your best choice of treatment to improve the overall texture of your skin and improve your acne scarring is a resurfacing laser treatment, either Erbium or Carbon Dioxide. Both should give you a very nice improvement in your overall skin texture. Good luck!