What's the average cost of a mini tummy tuck?

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I have some sagging skin and stretch marks in my stomach area which has got me doing my homework on mini tummy tucks. Can anybody tell me the average price of a mini tummy tuck procedure? My excess tummy fat isn't that significant which is why I think I'll only need the "mini" version of it.


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Fees vary from practice to practice based on the physicians expertise, what is involved in the procedure (length of incision) and the geographical location of the practice. $5500 and upwards would be a reasonable "ballpark".

 Mini tummy tuck (limited abdominoplasty) involves a shorter incision than the complete tummy tuck, running just above the pubic bone. This technique tightens the abdomen below the belly button and is appropriate for a small number of patients. The recovery period after a mini tuck is usually shorter than for a complete tummy tuck.*

If your concerns are mostly below your belly button, then a mini tuck may suit your needs, but most people get better results from a complete tuck especially if there has been significant stretching of the skin and muscles.

The surgical procedure that you settle upon, be that a mini-tuck or full abdominoplasty, along with the location and experience of the plastic surgeon you choose, will be the biggest factors impacting the final price of your surgery. Assuming you are a suitable candidate -- meaning you're in good health and have excess skin in your lower abdomen, between the navel and pubic bone – a mini-tummy tuck alone should bring you the desired results.

At our clinic the average price of a mini tuck is approximately $3500 and a full tuck roughly $7,500, but your best bet is to schedule a personal consultation with one or two board-certified plastic surgeons in your area who ideally specialize in this type of body contouring surgery. After a brief examination he or she will be able to judge if you’re a good candidate for a mini-tuck. In addition to it costing less, another advantage to the mini-tuck is that post-op swelling, bruising, and recovery time are all reduced as well.

The answer is that it depends. Prices for tummy tuck surgery vary by location and the experience level of the plastic surgeon who performs the operation. Whether a mini-tummy tuck is the right approach for your specific situation will depend on the amount of excess skin you have in your lower abdomen.

I suggest that you consult with a few board-certified plastic surgeons in your area. They'll be able to determine the best way for you to address the loose skin around your stomach. The variables that go into the cost of mini-tummy tuck surgery are: the type of anesthesia used (e.g. sedation or general anesthesia), whether it's performed in a hospital or surgery center, the type of surgery performed (mini-tuck or full abdominoplasty), and the experience level of the surgeon. Based on these variables, at our clinic we typically quote patients anywhere from $4,000 to $7,500 for mini-tuck plastic surgery, and a few thousand dollars more than that for a traditional tummy tuck.

Mini tucks usually are used for patients having relatively moderate skin laxity following liposuction   The skin excised under the belly button does not improve any of the skin laxity above the belly button . One way of estimating how much skin you need removed is by banding down than look at  and feel the skin above the belly button. Also view yourself by relaxing your tummy and that is going to show how much abdominal wall needs to be "taken in ". Youshould consider liposuction needed to improve your shape   I recommend you see a bord certfd plastic surgeon to first find out the type of surgery you need. Good luck to you

First of all it would be important to have your abdomen examined by a Board Certified PS to see whether a mini-TT is appropriate for you. Mini-TT are used in very selective patients. The surgical fee varies from state to state and between surgeons. The starting rate in NYC is most ilkely around $6000. Good luck!

In general, I find that most people who want a mini rally need a full so that the loose skin above the umbilicus can be pulled down and the muscles can be plicated,

Fee range in my practice is $5,000 to $6,000. Regards Miami