What's the best non-invasive facial tightening procedure?

I'm 50 years old and looking for best non surgical procedure for facial tightening or mid-face lift without using fillers. There is too much out there and when I have my heart set on something, I find terrible reviews, like people saying their face melted from Thermage and Ultherapy?!

Also, looking for facial plastic surgeon recommendations in Chicago or surrounding suburbs. I know PAs are awesome at what they do, but I just prefer a surgeon.


F, 52, Illinois

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Great questions.  Don't get your heart set on something because there are many options and it is important to find an experienced cosmetic doctor who offers multiple different options.  Fillers do not tighten or lift the face - they add volume where volume has been lost.  They are an excellent option to replenish volume that is lost naturally with aging.  There are many different options so it is important to go to a skilled practitioner.  Poor quality skin can be improved with lasers and peels.  Proper skin care is essential.  Surgical procedures like facelifts are excellent options too for patients who have facial features that are sagging.  You can post your request right here on zwivel (click the consult with a cosmetic doctor button) and multiple doctors will get back to you with personalized opinions and recommendations so you can decide which doctor and which procedure is right for you.