What’s the best way to get rid of my angry look?

I have traditional frown lines that make me look angry. I heard Botox can help? Is that true? How effective is it at treating this part of the face, and how long would results last?


M, 44, Connecticut

Botox is a great option for the 'angry' look.  We use Botox or Dysport to smooth the frown lines between the eyebrows.  Patients often report they are asked less if they are upset and they appear more approachable.

Ken Oleszek, MD

La Fontaine Aesthetics

Denver, Colorado

If your "angry" look is related to the glabella area, which is the area above your nose and between your eyebrows, then Botox may be a great option for you. Treatments last for 4 months for most patients and will need to be repeated for maintenance.  Schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who will be able to give you the best advice after see you in person. Thank you for the question.

Botox is a great solution to the angry look in the forehead frown lines. If you also have a "hangdog" look from jowls, you may need to consider fillers and facelifting (though your age would typically not require a facelift). Results from Botox last 3-4 months typically. To treat the forehead and glabella (between the eyebrows) takes 30-40 units for many patients. Cost per unit varies from market to market. Go to a board certified plastic surgeon, facial plastic ENT surgeon, or dermatologist if you are interested in Botox.


-- Dr. Sayed

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