What's the best way to get rid of old scars from surgery?

I have surgical scars on the outside and the majority of the length of both my femurs from titanium plate placements in 2002.

One of which had multiple surgeries and has resulted in an indent in my muscles. I hate the appearance of them the indented leg in particular. When it happened technology and topical creams were not widely available or advanced and was told to learn to live with them (after all I was lucky to be alive).

However now in my early-mid 30's I am still very conscious of them and realize that they have prevented me from wearing anything that will show even a slight glimpse of scar (which is difficult in the summer). I refuse to believe that I have to live with their appearance for the rest of my life as technology has come such a long way and hope that there could be something out there to reduce their appearance. 

I would really appreciate any recommendations/reviews (UK).



F, United Kingdom

Unfortunately, surgical scars are permanent and cannot simply be eliminated.  As scars mature, they tend to fade from their initial redness.  There really isn't any treatment available except if the scar is widened or thickened.  If there is any surrounding contour irregularities, a plastic surgeon may be able to even things out with appropriate fat grafting.


Elliot W. Jacobs, MD, FACS

New York City