What's the best way to get rid of stretch marks?

I have stretch marks on my breasts, waist and buttocks. The ones I'm most embarrassed by are the most visible ones around my waist. What options are available to me to help either get rid of the stretch marks forever or if not completely eliminate them, then at least lighten them or make them blend in more? I thought tanning might help with the blending in but it made the stretch marks stand out that much more. I'm pretty discouraged right now but I feel like this is the best place for me to turn that around and find out what will work now that I know what won't!


F, 42, California

Dear Barrzoher:

Some lasers may lighten the stretch marks particularly if they are red in color.  The best and only way to get rid of them is by excision.  In your case that would probably be a tummy tuck.

Dr. Ken Stein