What’s the best way to reduce appearance of stretch marks?

I’m looking for some guidance on the best ways to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. I am 46 and have stretch marks on my breasts and on my thighs. They are pretty deep and white. What are the best natural remedies, and what are the best procedures or treatments I should be considering?


F, 48, Pennsylvania

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the best way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks is to start treating them when they first occur.  When the stretch markings formed by the deep layers of the dermis separating they're usually is a reddish hue to them.  At this point Retin-A topically is very efficient had minimizing their appearance.  We have to use in for 2-3 months until the cycle is complete.

Once the stretch marks are white it becomes much more difficult.  Whatever you do you have to recruit dermis and collagen back into the areas that have "torn" internally.  We had some success with fractional laser treatments as well as micro-needling with an without PRP or platelet rich plasma and some better results with micro-needling with radiofrequency called Fractora.  These work on some individuals and for some nothing seems to improve their stretch marks.  I hope you're one of the ones that responded to some of these treatments.