What's the best way to remove a cyst on eyelid?

I have a small cyst on my lower eyelid. What type of doctor should I see to get this removed? A plastic surgeon or dematologist? 


M, 36, New Jersey

Botox will help reduce the fullness of your masseter or chewing muscle.   It will take repeated treatments every 4-6 months to be effective by weakening the muscle and causing it to shrink, 

Not a dermatologist.  A board certified plastic surgeon or an oculipladtic surgeon.   It may or may not be a simple cyst so proper evaluation is important.

I'd really need to see it, as cyst can mean so many things. If it's a stye, you should see a plastic surgeon or ophthalmologist. If its a sebaceous cyst, a plastic surgeon would be your best bet. I hope this helps!