What's the best way to treat and avoid capsular contracture?

Should I replace the implants entirely (maybe go for saline this time?) or just remove the scar tissue? I had a BA 3 years ago, 400cc high profile silicone implants that developed a capsular contracture. I don't know what I did wrong, but I managed to get into this situation and now I'm desperately searching for solutions. Any help is appreciated.


F, 37, Colorado

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Some patients are subject to capsular contracture, but there are some steps to prevent it as well.  Textured implants in a submuscular position have a lower chance of contracture, saline or silicone.  Bleeding or infection after the surgery can set a scenario for development of capsular contracture.  If it is painful, most often the surgeon will recommend re operation, remove all the scar tissue and make the above changes.  Gentle massage afterward may help keep the scar tissue "stretched".  Don't be desperate, go see your original surgeon to discuss possible causes/solutions.


  First of all you didn't cause your capsular contractors. It can happen up to 5% of the time unfortunately. The treatment of capsular contracture are change to a textured implant and remove the entire capsule. If the implant was placed above the muscle you should have it placed in a new pocket under the muscle. Sorry your having to deal with this issue. Good Luck!