What's a good alternative for Botox?

I am reluctant to use Botox for my forehead wrinkles. I heard so many opinions from everyone around me that I gave up the idea of using it entirely. Is there another liquid that can smooth my skin?


F, 49, Virginia

without a photo it is not really possible to offer you options. However, I think you may need a bit of explanation on how Botox ( or dysport or xeomin) work

botox is injected into the muscles and keeps them from contracting for a period of 3-4 months. This will smooth the lines that are created with continues facial expression for example, looking surprised. You can control the amount injected to get a natural look if that is hat you want. 

In do not know of any liquid ( placed directly on the skin) that will offer the same results. If your lines are very fine, you may be able to consider some type of resurfacing 


Jack Peterson MD


Xeomin is another version of Botox, and Dysport is another. Dysport diffuses a bit more than Botox and Xeomin and is often used for the forehead. If you are not into the idea of injecting toxins (which in skilled hands is totally safe), brow lift (open or endoscopic) is another option.