What’s the recommended age for having Rhinoplasty?

I’m only 18 but I hate the way my nose looks. There’s an ugly bump in the middle of it and its sort of crooked. Should I wait longer before having a Rhinoplasty or is it okay to start thinking about it now? I haven’t really talked to anyone about it, but I’ve been wondering what’s the recommended age so I can start planning.


M, 20, Utah

I usually prefer the patient be 18 (which you are) or older before considering the patient for rhinoplasty although I have done rhinoplasty on a 16 year old. I think if you have a good idea what it is that bothers you about your nose and can articulate this during a consultation, you could be a good candidate. Examination in the office is the best way to assess but photos and video consultation can provide 80% of the info we need to help you decide.

For more info on rhinoplasty specifically, check out http://www.timsayedmd.com/facial-plastic-surgery-newport-beach/rhinoplasty-nose/

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My recommendation for men is age 18 and for ladies 16. It well established that noses do not change greatly in size after that age.