What's the safest way to do inner thigh without having the skin of vagina being pulled open?

I am 67 years old, and I have wrinkled skin all the way to my knee. I want to have thigh lift but hearing horror story about what happen with inner thigh surgery. Any advise? 


F, 71, California

Hi Nadiawho:

With skin wrinkled all of the way down to your knee, you will need to have a vertical medial thigh lift.  This leaves a visible scar in the inner thigh but it should look way better than having that significantly ugly wrinkled skin.  There is no risk to widening the vagina with this procedure.  If you only had wrinkled skin on the upper part of your inner thigh then a scar could be put into the groin.  The key to avoiding widening of the vagina with this procedure is to make sure that the thigh skin is anchored to the pubic periosteum which is the bone in the groin area.

Dr. Ken Stein